“That’s a job for a man” & other things you should never say to your daughter

"That's a job for a man" & other things you should never say to your daughter (more info at

I came across this post in Lifehack and thought to myself: “no one says that any more!” At least I hope that’s true. Please tell me we aren’t still telling girls that they have to be ladylike and that there are jobs they can’t do because they aren’t boys. Tell me we aren’t telling them, or encouraging them, to lower their expectations. Tell me that we aren’t discouraging them from being bold and assertive (because they aren’t acting like girls). Tell me that we’ve learned our lessons.

Then tell me we aren’t saying these things to our girls:

  • That’s a job for a man
  • You’re wasting your time
  • That’s not very ladylike of you

Let’s learn new language.

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