Recipes You Should Know By the Age of 30

The Kitchn is one of my favorite food blogs — with recipes and cooking tips that I’ve found easy to follow or just mouthwatering to look at. I bookmark articles on the site all the time. That includes this one, “30 Recipes You Should Know By the Age of 30.”

When you first start cooking it’s natural and tempting to work on the beautiful, complicated recipes you see in fancy cookbooks. What you soon discover, however, is that cooking has a lot of building blocks. Your favorite chicken tikka masala recipe, for instance, will benefit from you having previously made a simple dish of chicken thighs. So, let’s start with essentials! Here’s what we think everyone should cook before they reach the age of 30. How many things have you made off this list?

I don’t know most of these recipes, but I want to learn.

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Source: 30 Recipes You Should Know By the Age of 30 — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn

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Health Benefits Of Avocado

Suggesting reading:

Do you love avocado? Easy to cook, delicious in hundreds of dishes – and really healthy. Check out 10 awesome health benefits of eating avocado.

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Source: 10 Health Benefits Of Avocado

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There’s a Connection Between Your Food Choices And Personality Type

Did you know that your personality affects your food choices? That’s what this article tells us:

[snip] …five research findings that suggest a connection between food choices and certain personality types. The ultimate goal is to examine the findings to determine whether they are accurate and reliable, i.e. to see if we can use the information to our advantage and make a positive lifestyle change… [snip]

Not a surprise: Overly emotional people tend to gorge on snacks in secret. I do that. I call it “stress eating.”

The other four behaviors:

  • Thrill seekers love spicy food.
  • People-pleasers overeat when they have company.
  • Conscientious people are more likely to eat more fruit and veggies.
  • Extroverts are fond of animal fat, sweets and alcohol.

Which behavior do you fall in?

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Source: 5 Research Findings To Reveal The Connection Between Your Food Choices And Personality Type

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