You don’t have to be an expert to take on a new role

One of the first things I learned when preparing for media interviews is that women generally nod when talking with others, as a form of encouragement. The problem is that this looks like agreement. It’s something we do without thinking about it, and it weakens us during negotiations.

Inc. Magazine pulled together a list of suggested changes women can make in their daily behavior to empower themselves. (The nodding wasn’t on the list.) The one change that resonated with me was: We wait until we’re experts before taking on a new role. I’m guilty of this. I know that I’ve missed out on opportunities because I’ve held myself back, saying “I’m not ready.”

I’m not ready. But I’m doing it anyway.

What self-defeating behaviors do you need to tackle?

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Source: 12 Ways You Might Be Making Gender Bias Worse |

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The Gender Pay Gap

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Because, in case you haven’t been paying attention, women still do not make the same as male counterparts for doing the same job (in most companies).

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