Reasons to accept help from the Shop Girl

jarmoluk / PixabayWe’ve all been there: you’ve just gotten into the store and, before you’ve had a chance to look at anything, the “helpful” shop girl is asking you if you need help. If you’re like me, you’re automatic answer is a very firm “no.”

However, a recent article from Houstonia gave me a new perspective on why I should say “yes” next time. From having info on the latest trends and making suggestions on what to pair with what you’ve already picked, to suggestions on were to try next and the very real benefit of having someone help you browse (and find) what you’re looking for, this sounds like someone you want to have on your side.

The one store where I already always say yes to the Shop Girl is Nordstrom. And I am always pleased with the help.

What’s your best Shop Girl experience?

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SOURCE: 5 Things I Learned From a Shopgirl | Houstonia Magazine

IMAGE SOURCE: jarmoluk / Pixabay

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