Miss Piggy Is Getting A Feminist Icon Award

In an ironic twist, Miss Piggy (yes, the fictitious Muppet character) is going to be honored as a feminist icon. She will be given the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center First Award on June 4, 2015. Odd.

Calling Miss Piggy gritty and tenacious, Sackler added that she “has all of the qualities that…women need to have to face the world as it is, and she gives us a good smile on top of it all.” This is the fifth year that the award has been handed out. The first year, 15 women received the award.

I do agree that Miss Piggy defied the standard “girl” tv characters when she was introduced, with things like karate chops and a more direct personality… but she’s still fictitious. Is giving awards to fictitious characters something they normally do for these awards?

UPDATE  June 7, 2015: Jezebel posted a story about the awards.

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