Don’t start your sentences with “I’m sorry …”

Please stop apologizing! I’ve done it myself, frequently. You interrupt a conversation by saying “I’m sorry, but …” We respond to queries about delays by saying “I’m sorry …”

Are you at fault? If not, don’t apologize. It’s one of the things women do, seemingly by instinct, that actually hurts us in the long-term.

So many women I know apologize for existing, for entering a room, for speaking. “I’m sorry, is this a good time?” The apology is extraneous. “Is this a good time?” is thoughtful and that is all you need to be. When joining a conversation women will often apologize instead of saying, “excuse me.” Excuse me is polite and that is all you need. Try keeping track of how much you apologize (you won’t be sorry you did). Unless you hurt someone – don’t apologize.

Keep track of how many times you say the word “sorry” in one day. It’s eye-opening.

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Source: 15 Things Women Don’t Need To Do Though They’re Expected To | Lifehack

Image source: bykst / Pixabay

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