Credit card tips to help keep your budget on your next shopping trip

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I love a good shopping trip as much as the next person, but I know that buying unexpected items for your wardrobe can quickly torpedo your budget. An easy fix for this is to make sure that you don’t make it too easy for you to over-indulge.

Don’t take your credit with you when you’re shopping, advises Money Crashers. Try an envelope method, where you take an envelope with the exact amount you have budgeted. If you have leftover, you bring that with you next time. If you run out, then you just stop spending.

Don’t store your credit card info in your browser. You know you do it; your browser automatically populates all the fields of your credit card info, including the number. It does that because you told it to, so it would be easier to buy things online (that extra two minutes to find the credit card and fill out the info is just annoying, right?). However, if you force yourself to have to go look for the card, you may actually re-evaluate the purchase. Go ahead and tell your browser to forget all the form fields it has stored. And don’t save it again.

Do you have some tips to add? Budgeting tips are always welcome.

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